Prioritize your health through personalized fitness and nutrition plans created by experts.

When it comes to fitness and health, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We know that everyone is looking for something different in their fitness and nutrition routines. At True Strength Synergy, Hazael carefully tailor a fitness and nutrition program that is specified toward your needs only.

WORKOUT: Hazael offers extensive medical background checks so that we can gain a true understanding of your health history and compose a plan that is cognizant of that. This added service helps to ensure don’t have to put your program on hold because of a health problem that was triggered by intense workouts.

RECOVER: Additionally, he offer chiropractic referral services for those looking for a qualified chiropractor. We refer our clients to the best doctors and specialists around. We strongly feel that the services you get at their offices reflects on us, so we won’t refer you to anyone but the best. Our centers follow medical protocols for our clients. The only difference is you’re not a patient here, though we still want to know you medical needs, allowing us to incorporate them into your fitness and eating plans.

When you join us, you’ll enjoy full access to state-of-the-art technology that allows Hazael to perform body composition analyses instantly. This technology allows us to monitor your progress beyond the numbers on the scale.

REPEAT: Fitness is the discipline training method in your life. If you want to build more discipline into your life Hazael Dominguez from True Strength Synergy can help with that one day at a time.

True Strength Synergy is a way of life; contact Hazael Dominguez about questions.

Note: If you’re in need of specialized training, Hazael has the knowledge and experience to help you on your fitness journey as you prepare for the military, various different branches of law enforcement, federal agencies, or the average Joe looking for group or personal training. 

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